WHO/WHAT: Moon-viewing parties are a tradition in Japan with friends gathering to admire the beauty of the full moon. The custom, which was introduced to Japan from China during the Nara and Heian periods (710-1185), is believed to have started with aristocrats who would gather to recite poetry inspired by the full moon.

Festivities will include a tamagushi offering and blessing, traditional tea ceremony, koto and shakuhachi performance, taiko drumming, odori, tsukimi dango tasting and a variety of food vendors. The museum will highlight the exhibit, “Gannenmono: A Legacy of Eight Generations in Hawai‘i” in the Picture Gallery with additional access to other galleries, including programming with the Planetarium and the Science Adventure Center. The Hawaiian Astronomical Society will also give everyone a glimpse of the night sky through one of their telescopes (weather permitting).

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, Oct. 25, 5:30-9 p.m. at the Bishop Museum (1525 Bernice St.) — activities will be held in the Planetarium, on the Great Lawn and in the  Science Adventure Center.

ADMISSION: $15 for adults, $10 for youth (ages 4-17). Children under 4 are free. For more information, call UJSH at 941-5889 or email ujsoh1@gmail.com, and to reserve tickets, visit www.bishopmuseum.org/special-events.


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