Dear Voter,

As Hawai‘i’s Governor, I have led the state in an open, honest and transparent manner focused on improving the lives of our residents. We have been working hard to improve the quality of public education and to increase access to higher education, build more affordable housing, reduce homelessness, protect our environment and natural resources and create good jobs.

I am committed to improving the quality of life for all of Hawai‘i’s people and to ensuring that our children and grandchildren and the generations beyond have a multitude of opportunities. We are making thoughtful decisions on behalf of Hawai‘i’s people and making sure that the public good is always our focus and top priority in all the decisions we make. You can trust my administration to always work to meet that high standard and to continue working hard on your behalf.

As a public school and University of Hawai‘i graduate, I firmly believe that a strong public education system is the key to unlocking the dreams for our children’s future. We are holding education to a higher standard and looking at new ways to empower teachers and our schools and to help our children grow and prepare for college or careers.

I have done practical things to improve the quality of education, such as cooling over 1,300 classrooms so that our children can learn instead of fighting the heat. I’ve also helped Hawai‘i’s children access higher education through programs such as Hawai‘i’s Promise, which provides financial assistance to students interested in pursuing higher education. Additionally, the Early College Program allows students to earn college credits while in high school, saving the students and their families thousands of dollars for college tuition. This provides real hope and opportunity for families.

We are building a sustainable economy that will allow families to take care of their needs. We have taken an active role in growing small businesses and diversifying our economy while also supporting our larger and more established industries so that the jobs our residents need are available right here in Hawai‘i. We are also supporting local crop production and our farmers, big and small, so that we can grow more of our own food. We will soon double the production of locally produced food.

The availability of affordable housing is an important quality of life concern for Hawai‘i’s people. Since becoming Governor, thousands of affordable housing units have been built and we expect to produce thousands more. We are well on our way to exceeding our goal of 10,000 new housing units by 2020.

We are also helping our seniors to live out their golden years independently and with dignity, aided by the love and support of their families. I approved funding for Kupuna Caregivers, a program that enables caregivers with full-time jobs to tap into community resources. AARP called it a “major win.”

Hawai‘i has become a national leader in environmental protection. We have been responsible stewards of the earth and are preserving and protecting it for future generations. We have set Hawai‘i on a solid path to achieving our commitment to 100 percent renewable energy and have taken steps to protect our watersheds by doing things such as planting 250,000 trees.

Former state Senator Dr. Josh Green is my running mate and candidate for Lieutenant Governor. His background as a medical doctor and as a true public servant will be a valuable asset to my administration. We share core values and will work as a team to strengthen and support Hawai‘i’s families.

The first generation of Japanese who immigrated to Hawaii had a saying: Kodomo no tame ni — for the sake of the children. This is a fundamental principle that guides us to this day.  We are putting Hawaii on a path that will provide residents with better jobs, affordable housing and healthcare and a better quality of life.  Our goal is to provide all of Hawaii’s children with a world-class public education and the ability to start their own careers and families right here in Hawaii.

It has been my great honor to serve you and your families as Hawaii’s governor.  With deep humility, I ask for your support and your vote on November 6th.

Aloha and Mahalo,

David Y. Ige



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