The Voice of Shinzaburo Sumida

Gail Honda
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

The following interview write-up is the fifth of seven that will be published in The Hawai‘i Herald this year. It is part of a series titled, “In Their Own Words.”

In the spring of 1980, I had the opportunity to interview seven former internees of Honouliuli Internment Camp and the Sand Island Detention Camp at a time when their memories of being interned were still quite vivid. (The backstory on these interviews is explained in the March 16 edition of the Herald.)

The internees were: the Rev. Gyokuei Matsuura, Mrs. Haru Tanaka, Shigeo (Robert) Muroda, Dan Nishikawa, Shinzaburo Sumida, Edgar Genpachi (Jukichi) Tsushima and Harry Urata. I would like to show the families of the interviewees the write-ups before they are published, but have not yet been able to contact the family of Mr. Dan Nishikawa. If you or anyone you know is a family member of Mr. Nishikawa, please contact, or have the family member contact, me at (808) 942-4783 or

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