Chapter 134

Across town, Haru’s eldest son Takeshi sat quietly in the back of the Throne Room in ‘Iolani Palace, scribbling notes as the Hawaiian Statehood Committee wrapped up its meeting. Seven United States senators and 12 members of the U.S. House of Representatives were reading their final remarks after two weeks of hearings.

An hour later, Taka took his usual spot in the Cabinet Room of Washington Place. Still clutching his pad and pen, the committee’s official scribe was struggling to keep up with territorial Gov. Poindexter’s fiery address to his statehood delegation.

“Despite their rum-tongued promises at the reception last night, the congressional committee punted. Today, the hung-over, back-peddling chairman pontificated, ‘You have fulfilled every requirement for statehood. Conduct a referendum and we will consider statehood.’”

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