DEAR FRANCES BY Frances Kakugawa

Dear Readers,

This column is devoted to Mary and to Linda and her two daughters. Their inspiring, yet worrisome stories address compassion, creativity and family. They also highlight the loopholes in our legal, financial and medical professions when a patient or client is seen only as a name on a paper and when personal involvements are not part of the professional practice.

Mary’s Story:

Mary continues to help her neighbors, as she did while caring for her husband, who passed away more than four months ago.

One of Mary’s neighbors, Barb, is now bedridden after suffering a stroke. Barb needs her oxygen supply at her bedside at all times. Her husband and sons decided to move her downstairs. Mary hoped that they would move Barb’s bed so that she would have a clear view of the trees and garden from the window so she could see the squirrels, coyotes and other natural life. Instead, her bed was situated so that her only view is of two toolsheds! Even at that, Barb doesn’t have a clear view of the sheds because the windows are covered with grime.

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