“Edo no Asakaze (Morning Breeze in Edo),” 1960 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 32 minutes.

Directed by Hideaki Onishi. Starring Chiezo Kataoka and Totsuben Sawamura.

The sole survivor of a shipwreck pursues the whereabouts of his friends’ missing family members in Edo.

“Edo no Meibutsu Otoko Isshin Tasuke (Noble Tasuke),” 1958 jidaigeki, 1hour and 30 minutes.

Directed by Tadashi Sawashima. Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura, Ryunosuke Tsukigata and Hitomi Nakahara.

Brave and compassionate man Tasuke prevents the feud between the lords.

“Fuunji Oda Nobunaga (Oda Nobunaga),” 1959 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 35 minutes.

Directed by Toshikazu Kono. Starring Kinnosuke Nakamura and Katsuo Nakamura.

A story of a pivotal turning point in the life and career of young Nobunaga Oda, who figured prominently in efforts to unify the warring states of Japan under a central ruler in the late 16th century.

“Gokudo no Onnatachi Saigo no Tatakai (Gangster Ladies: The Final Battle),” 1990 drama, 1 hour and 56 minutes.

Directed by Kosaku Yamashita. Starring Shima Iwashita and Rino Katase. Two wives of gangsters come together to avenge the deaths of their men.

“Hatamoto Taikutsu Otoko Nazo no Ryujin Misaki (The Mysterious Cape),” 1963 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 29 minutes.

Directed by Yasushi Sasaki. Starring Utaemon Ichikawa and Hibari Misora.

Ryujin Misaki, located at the edge of the Genkai Sea, is known as an isolation ward for leprosy patients. When Saotome, a sword master and guard of the Shogun, hears news of a doctor gone missing, he begins to suspect that things are not what they seem at Ryujin Misaki. Intent on discovering the truth, Saotome launches a private investigation.

“Hibari Chiemi no Oshidori Senryogasa (Travels of Hibari and Chiemi 2),” 1963 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 27 minutes.

Directed by Tadashi Sawashima. Starring Hibari Misora and Chiemi Eri.

Comedy duo Hibari Misora and Chiemi Eri teams up as Princess Kimi, who seeks adventure and true love in life, and her loyal servant Toshi.

“Himitsu: THE TOP SECRET (The Top Secret: Murder in Mind),” 2016 drama, 2 hours and 29 minutes.

Directed by Keishi Ohtomo. Starring Toma Ikuta and Masaki Okada.

Set in the late 21st century, the unit No.9 is a special Police that uncover the unsolved cold cases by using a special MRI scanner. It can scan the brains of dead people in order to visualize memories from their lifetimes. Rookie agent Aoki and unit chief Maki are tasked with a new mission: they must visualize the memories of a man executed for murdering his own family, and also find his daughter Kinuko, who has been missing since the tragedy. However, the images extracted from the man’s brain show that the brutal homicides were actually committed by Kinuko…

“Kairyu Daikessen (Dragon Showdown),” 1966 samurai/action/ ninjutsu, 1 hour and 26 minutes.

Directed by Tetsuya Yamauchi. Starring Hiroki Matsukata, Ryutaro Otomo and Tomoko Ogawa.

In ancient Japan, a good lord is killed and his throne stolen by the treacherous Yuki Daijo and the evil wizard Oroki-maru. Miraculously, during the attack, young prince Ikazuki-maru is rescued from the jaws of death by a magic bird. Ten years later, Ikazuki-maru, now a wizard himself, embarks on a quest for vengeance.

“Kenka Gasa (Fighting Disposition),” 1958 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 24 minutes.

Directed by Masahiro Makino. Starring Hashizo Okawa, Ryunosuke Tsukigata and Ryutaro Otomo.

With the help of famous yakuza Jirocho, brave and quick tempered Eijiro takes revenge on the death of his close friend.

“Kishu no Abarenbo (The Warrior from Kishu),” 1962 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Directed by Nobuo Nakagawa. Starring Hiroki Matsukata and Satomi Oka.

A story of young Yoshimune, the future Shogun.

“Mother (Mother),” 2014 drama, 1 hour and 23 minutes.

Directed by Kazuo Umezu. Starring Ainosuke Kataoka and Mimi Maihane.

“Mother” is an autobiographical story for renown manga artist Kazuo Umezu depicting the relationship between Kazuo Umezu and his deceased mother, Ichie.

A publishing company is working on a book about Umezu’s life. The lead editor, Sakura, knows that Umezu’s late mother Ichie was very influential to his work. Her investigation leads to bizarre incidents occurring one after another and the possible return of his late mother.

“Nanatsu no Chikai Gaisenka no Maki (The Seven Vows Part 3),” 1956 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 13 minutes.

Directed by Yasushi Sasaki. Starring Kinnnosuke Nakamura, Hashizo Okawa and Chiyonosuke Azuma

The adventures of Goro and his fellow samurai concludes. After their turbulent journey, the seven crosses are finally united to reveal the secret of the royal treasure.

“Nihatsume wa Jigoku Ikidaze (The Second Bullet is Marked),” 1960 action film, 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Directed by Shigehiro Ozawa. Starring Chiezo Kataoka and Ken Takakura.

Tsunokichi and Ken face off against a rival yakuza in Kyushu.

“Nippon Dorobo Monogatari (Tale of Japanese Burglars),” 1965 drama, 1 hour and 57 minutes.

Directed by Satsuo Yamamoto. Starring Rentaro Mikuni and Yoshiko Sakuma.

Story of a skilled thief Hayashida who steals to support his family.

“Toyama no Kinsan Gozonji Irezumi Hangan (Official with a Tattoo),” 1960 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 34 minutes.

Directed by Yasushi Sasaki. Starring Chiezo Kataoka and Satomi Oka. Kinnosuke of Toyama sets out on a private mission to clear his father’s name for a crime he did not commit.

“Tsuri Baka Nisshi 9 (Free and Easy 9),” 1997 comedy/drama, 1 hour and 55 minutes.

Directed by Tomio Kuriyama. Starring Toshiyuki Nishida and Ren Mikuni.

Hama-chan’s sales department gets a new supervisor, a hard-working taskmaster that’s the very opposite of carefree, irresponsible Hama-chan. The veteran employee decides to find his boss, a divorced father, a new wife. The supervisor loves a bar hostess “mama-san,” but is unable to confess his true feelings until Hama-chan comes to his rescue.

“Wakasama Zamurai Torimonocho Beranme Katsujinken (Case of A Young Lord Part 2),” 1956 jidaigeki, 52 minutes.

Directed by Kinnosuke Fukada. Starring Hashizo Okawa and Yumiko Hasegawa.

A master swordsman must retrieve the mercer’s stolen heirloom in time to present it to the Shogun.

“Yukinojo Henge (Handsome Disguise),” 1959 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 25 minutes.

Directed by Toshikazu Kono. Starring Hashizo Okawa and Chikage Awashima.

A period piece about an actor who gets caught up in a tale of revenge.

“Zoku Rokyoku Komoriuta (Samurai’s Lullaby),” 1967 jidaigeki, 1 hour and 28 minutes.

Directed by Ryuichi Takamori. Starring Sonny Chiba and Akiko Koyama. A touching story about a father and son set to a popular soundtrack.


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