Democratic Candidate for State Senate District 12 — Waikïkï, Ala Moana, Kaka‘ako, Sheridan, McCully, Mö‘ili‘ili

My name is Sharon Moriwaki. I was born into a Sheridan-area home and have been a Kaka‘ako resident for the last decade. I’ve seen how much unchecked luxury tower construction has changed our neighborhood. Offshore investors came first, residents were wrongly left out. In response, I founded and led Kaka‘ako United, a volunteer community group that helped change Hawai‘i Community Development Authority, the state board that runs Kaka‘ako. It’s now more balanced, with several community representatives who listen to us, the residents.

I’m now running as a Democrat to be State Senator to represent not just Kaka‘ako, but neighboring Sheridan, McCully, Mö‘ili‘ili, Waikïkï and Ala Moana. I want housing for residents, not offshore buyers; I want to help kupuna remain at home as they age; and I want to take on crime, including drug-related and homeless-related crime, in our neighborhoods.

I have walked our district and heard from many of you and share your concern that impossible home prices are pushing our children to the Mainland. We are losing our best and brightest. O‘ahu faces the greatest housing crisis in the U.S. — we can’t just move to the next county to find more affordable housing as mainlanders can. Our elected officials, including the current District 12 senator, are failing us.

I promise to listen to you, and to use my background — Ph.D., law degree, service in Governor John Waihee’s cabinet as a Deputy Director of Labor and State Personnel Director, Administrator of the State Courts, UH Mänoa Assistant VP, associate director of the Public Policy Center, and co-chair of the Hawai‘i Energy Policy Forum — to benefit you and our community. My slogan is “caring for each other.” My pledge is to be present in your neighborhood once a month, every month, to listen. And my charge is to fight for you, as I have fought for a better Kaka‘ako. In return, I ask for your vote, plus the votes of your family and friends in Senate District 12, for Sharon Moriwaki!

To find out more about me, please visit my website,, and please join our campaign! Mahalo


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