Democratic Candidate for State House of Representatives District 23 – Mänoa, Punahou, University, Mö‘ili‘ili

My name is Elton Fukumoto and I am running for the State House of Representatives, District 23. If Isaac Choy was your representative, you live in District 23.

I’m running because: 1) I’ll be an effective legislator, and 2) I have a plan to tackle Hawaii’s number one problem — the high cost of living.

First, let me say who I am. I was born in Pälolo and moved to Mänoa in 1961. I went to ‘Iolani, got a B.A. from Harvard, a Ph.D. in English from UCLA and, later on, a J.D. from the University of Washington. I was an assistant professor of English at UH-Mänoa and, years later, a legal writing professor at Syracuse law school. Most recently, I have been a legislative aide to three different representatives.

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