Democratic Candidate for State House of Representatives District 23 – Mänoa, Punahou, University, Mö‘ili‘ili

My name is Elton Fukumoto and I am running for the State House of Representatives, District 23. If Isaac Choy was your representative, you live in District 23.

I’m running because: 1) I’ll be an effective legislator, and 2) I have a plan to tackle Hawaii’s number one problem — the high cost of living.

First, let me say who I am. I was born in Pälolo and moved to Mänoa in 1961. I went to ‘Iolani, got a B.A. from Harvard, a Ph.D. in English from UCLA and, later on, a J.D. from the University of Washington. I was an assistant professor of English at UH-Mänoa and, years later, a legal writing professor at Syracuse law school. Most recently, I have been a legislative aide to three different representatives.

With that kind of background, I know how the Legislature works. A representative does two things. 1) He serves as a legislator. If you want a bill introduced, come see me in my office. If I think your case is reasonable, I will draft and introduce your bill, subject to House limits. 2) A representative serves to mediate between you and state and local government. If you have a problem with government, call or mail my office. We will try to help you. I will listen to you.

And now to my plan. The long-term solution to the high cost of living is to create a knowledge industry, which will generate high-paying jobs and keep money in this state.

Raising the standing of UH Mänoa will attract faculty and students from East Asia, the Mainland and here at home. Faculty research will help generate an innovation industry, which in turn will bring about economic growth.

Two more things: I am aware of the heavy burden on the Hawai‘i taxpayer. Many other candidates are touting expensive programs. I will vote against these or pare them down unless they are absolutely needed.

I also have elderly parents, so I am acutely aware of all of the issues faced by our kupuna and their caregivers.

Thank you.


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