Hawai‘i’s first generation from Japan and Okinawa, my grandparents, had a saying: Kodomo no tame ni. All that they suffered and endured they did willingly for the sake of their children and the future.

This sentiment is what drives me to make Hawai‘i better as we set the course for a brighter future for ourselves and, more importantly, for the next generation.

As Hawai‘i’s Governor, I have led in an open, honest and transparent manner and have a true record of accomplishment. I stand up to self- and special interests and my administration has implemented effective and successful programs and policies to address the issues of our time. We are improving the quality of public education and the attainability of higher education, completing thousands of housing units, significantly reducing the number of homeless, protecting our environment and natural resources and supporting creation of good jobs.

My goals are to increase your quality of life and ensure that the next generation has all the opportunities they deserve. We are making thoughtful decisions on behalf of Hawai‘i’s people and ensuring the public good is the only consideration in all that we do. We can be trusted to continue meeting these standards and to continue working hard on your behalf.

As a public school and University of Hawai‘i graduate, I am a firm believer that a strong public education system unlocks the dreams of our children’s future. We are holding education to a higher standard and looking at new ways to empower teachers and schools and to help our children grow and prepare for college or careers.

I’ve done practical things to improve the quality of education, like cooling over 1,300 classrooms so that our children can learn instead of fighting the heat. I’ve also made it possible for more of Hawai‘i’s children to attain higher education through programs such as Hawai‘i’s Promise, which provides financial assistance for those that want a higher education. In addition, the Early College program allows students to earn college credits during their high school years, saving families and students thousands of dollars needed for college tuition. This provides real hope and opportunity for families.

We are building a sustainable economy that will allow families to take care of their needs. We have taken an active role in growing small business and diversifying our economy in addition to supporting our larger and more established industries so that the jobs our residents need are available right here at home.

Self-sufficiency also extends to agriculture through the diversification of local crops and support of our farmers, big and small, so that we can grow more of our own food. We will soon double the production of locally produced food.

The availability of affordable housing is an important quality of life factor for Hawai‘i’s people. Since becoming governor, more than 5,300 new housing units were produced with 40 percent of them being affordable. Another 1,400 units are in the pipeline and more than 4,000 units are in the planning phase. We are well on our way to exceeding our goal of 10,000 new housing units by 2020.

We are also helping our seniors live out their golden years with independence, dignity, and the love and support of their families. I approved funding for Kupuna Caregivers, a program that aids full-time caregivers who also have full-time jobs, to tap into community resources. AARP called it a “major win.”

The actions I’ve taken make Hawai‘i a national leader in environmental protection. We’ve been responsible stewards of the environment and are preserving and protecting it for future generations. We’ve put Hawai‘i on a solid path to achieving our commitment to 100 percent renewable power and have taken steps to protect our watersheds by doing things like planting 250,000 trees.

We’ve achieved a lot, and together we will achieve more. To all who continue to do all they can for the next generation, Okage sama de.

It has been my immense honor to serve you and your families as Hawai‘i’s governor. With the greatest humility, I ask for your continued support and your vote on August 11th. Aloha and Mahalo.


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