WHO/WHAT: The United Nations Association of Hawai‘i’s 25th annual “Nagasaki Commemoration for Peace” will remember the Aug. 9, 1945, atomic bombing of Nagasaki. The ceremony will include blessings and special messages by interfaith clergy and community leaders, including the Rev. Kazunori Takahashi of the Honpa Hongwanji Mission of Hawaii; the Rev. Kenneth Makuakane, pastor of Kawaiaha‘o Church; music by the Royal Hawaiian Band, led by bandmaster Clarke Bright; a shakuhachi solo by Katsumi Takemoto and the Rev. Takamasa Yamamura’s rendition of “Ave Maria.”

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, Aug. 9, 10-11:30 a.m., at Honolulu Myohoji Mission (2003 Nu‘uanu Ave.). At 11:02 a.m., the exact time the bomb fell on Nagasaki 73 years ago, guests will be invited to ring the peace bell in remembrance of the Nagasaki bombing. The commemoration ceremony is open to the public.


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