MY HAWAII BY Colin Sewake


Location: Takashiho, Yomitan; July 16, 2018

This morning, fellow Okinawa-Hawaii Kyou-kai member Masaji Matsuda asked if I could come over to Yomitan Hanaui’s Namihira studio, which, actually, is located in Takashiho. He wanted to introduce me to some ladies who weave traditional Okinawan textiles.

Yomitan Hanaui’s main factory is located near the Yomitan Sonyakuba (village office) in Zakimi — they have another factory in Sobe. Knowing that I’m from Hawai‘i, he called me over because 10 weavers will be traveling to Honolulu later this month to do hanaui demonstrations at the Honolulu Museum of Art. Hanaui is the Okinawan language pronunciation — in Japanese, it would be hanaori.

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