Living on Hawai‘i’s sugar and pineapple plantations meant never wasting food or other valuables. With that in mind, Hawaii’s Plantation Village will hold a special session on Saturday, July 7, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., to demonstrate how leftover vegetables, fruits, fish and meat were preserved to stretch meals.

Each ethnic group had creative methods of preserving food without the benefit of refrigeration. Volunteers will demonstrate how foods were soaked in brine, sun-dried, marinated in vinegar or miso, smoked, or made into jams and jellies. Among the various ethnic offerings available for purchase will be Puerto Rican bacalao patties, Chinese sin choi and pork, Portuguese vin d’alho, Okinawan sengiri daikon, Japanese zenzai, Korean kimchi and assorted jams and jellies.

Attendees can also learn to make — and take home — their own kimchi. Classes will be held at 10 and 11 a.m., but only 20 students will be accepted per session. To reserve a spot, call (808) 677-0110. Hawaii’s Plantation Village is located at 94-695 Waipahu St.

Hawaii’s Plantation Village is also selling a limited edition coloring book full of “small kid time” images and HPV scenes. The illustrations were drawn by Allen Tsukamoto, who has been an HPV volunteer for the past 25 years. Tsukamoto was also a cartoonist for Hawaii Fishing News newspaper for over 40 years.

The book can be purchased from the HPV gift shop for $7. For more information, visit, call Hawaii’s Plantation Village at (808) 677-0110 or send an email to


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