“Images of America” Series Highlights the Old Plantation Town’s Living History and Heritage

Kevin Y. Kawamoto
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

You can learn a lot about the history of a place through books and oral histories, photographs and video documentaries. But one way to really experience that history, firsthand, is through its architecture and landscape and to actually walk through the town, where the residents and other community members have made an effort to preserve its historic look and ambience.

That’s what visitors to Honoka‘a Town on the northern end of the Big Island’s Hämäkua Coast will find when they visit this relatively small community of just over 2,200 people. Located about an hour’s drive north of Hilo, Honoka‘a is definitely not an outdoor museum. It’s a community where people live and have raised families for generations, where people operate businesses and go to work every day and play on their days off, where people grow old and pass on.

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