Chapter 123


By Andy Pafko

Joe Kahahawai, one of the notorious assailants of a Navy wife, was shot dead this morning after confessing that he and his savage gang raped Thalia Massie. The distressed husband and two Navy friends, using a forged document requiring Kahahawai to be driven to the judge at another location, picked him up outside the courthouse. They then took him to Mrs. Grace Fortescue’s East Manoa Drive cottage, where they interrogated him until, according to Mrs. Fortescue, he confessed to assaulting her daughter as charged and was then accidently shot.

After a few paragraphs suggesting that those on the hung jury were the real killers of Kahahawai and defending the honor of “that poor girl and her mother seeking justice,” Pafko addressed the Mainland’s call for martial law.

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