Visitors to the March 3 “Noodles and Bread” event at Hawaii’s Plantation Village on the grounds of the Waipahu Cultural Garden Park could choose from a variety of ethnic foods representing the diverse cultures of Hawai‘i’s immigrant history. Anchoring the day’s festivities was the rededication of the Shiroma Saimin Stand exhibit, featuring a saimin noodle-making machine that was donated to the outdoor museum in the former sugar plantation community of Waipahu in 1997.

Dozens of Shiroma family members, friends and well-wishers gathered around the newly renovated saimin stand for the rededication ceremony. A replica of the saimin stand was constructed years ago for HPV. The ceremony included a blessing, songs and a detailed history of Kama and Yukichi Shiroma, who, by all accounts, were hard-working and enterprising immigrants from Okinawa.

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