Ryukyu Sokyoku Koyo Kai Hawaii Shibu installed its new officers at a dinner banquet on Jan. 28 at the Pagoda Restaurant. The Koyo Kai is made up of six Okinawan koto schools on O‘ahu.

The organization recognized two koto sensei who recently retired — Diane Hatsuko Kaya-Sensei and Chieko Miyasato-Sensei — and thanked them for their many years of teaching.

After many years of leading the Koyo Kai, Jane Tamae Kaneshiro-Sensei of the Jane Kaneshiro Sozan Kai and Bonnie Miyashiro-Sensei of the Miyashiro Soho Kai turned over the leadership of the Koyo Kai to longtime koto students Derek Fujio and Sara Nakatsu, both of whom are yonsei. Fujio will serve as president and Nakatsu as vice president.

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