Editor’s note: Every so often, subscribers send in — by USPS mail or email — a letter or an essay or short story about something they experienced in their lives. They’re usually only a few hundred words in length, but they make you stop and reflect on relationships and bygone years. Earlier this year, I decided to start sharing them with you from time to time, with the author’s permission. Here are the first three short stories.

Shared by Rev. Irene Matsumoto

This morning, I read the Honolulu Star-Advertiser headline, “THEY’RE BACK,” about the green sea turtles. Several years ago, we had a very unusual encounter with those beautiful green sea turtles at Hale‘iwa Beach.

I was born in Wahiawä and my favorite beach was Hale‘iwa Beach.

My sister, Ethel Howey, who lived in San Antonio (Texas), lost her daughter Susan through an unfortunate traffic accident in Virginia. Susan’s request was to have her ashes scattered at Hale‘iwa. My sisters, Margaret Tanaka and Marion Ishikawa, accompanied my husband, Susan’s husband and her daughter to scatter the ashes.

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