Student by Student, the Malama Learning Center is Helping to Change a Generation

Kristen Nemoto Jay
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

For most of her growing up years, Pauline Sato said she felt like “a weirdo.” While the children of her parents’ friends pursued careers in medicine or law or business, Sato was focused on taking care of the environment and saving Mother Earth. Although she didn’t have any mentors or close influences that pointed her in that direction, she concedes that she has always “marched to the beat of [her] own drum.”

“My parents were like, ‘She’s going to study what?’” the University Laboratory School alumnus recalled with a hearty laugh. They weren’t environmentalists, and neither was especially interested in outdoor activities. So their daughter’s career choice was definitely an eyebrow raiser for them.

“For some reason, environmental conservation and preservation just kind of stuck with me. It was a field of choice that helped conserve the place that I grew up in, so I thought, ‘Why not?’”

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