Part VII – The Trials
Chapter 115
December 6, 1931

Hawai‘i’s cool season blew in from the North Pacific, moving the Japan-Hawai‘i shipping lanes from the shorter northern route to the calmer southern waters. Blustery trade winds twisted palm tree leaves at Ala Moana Beach and snapped off coconuts padded inside with chewy pulp harboring a quart of sweet water. North Shore surfers rejoiced as the height of the waves rose. Beach sunshine and afternoon mountain showers combined to arch rainbows from the slopes of Punchbowl into Honolulu. Christmas tree lights decorated downtown.

On this Sunday afternoon, nervous citizens brought their children to the nativity scene across from Honolulu’s courthouse. As in years past on this racially diverse island, no one seemed to notice the contrast of the swarthy complexion of the Magi kings and shepherds with the milky-white skin of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus.

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