Editor’s note: It’s the fifth day of the new year and every time you open your frig, those trays of glutinous white rice cakes — mochi — are staring you in the eye. “Ahhhhh, I ordered too much,” you say to yourself. “What am I going to do with all this mochi? I’m going to be bachi’d if I toss it out.”

Toss it out?! Don’t even think of doing that . . . because there is a second, even more exciting, life for all of that leftover mochi, as I learned by asking a few friends.

Joanne Ninomiya, founder and former owner of the translation and video production company JN Productions, Inc., came back          with some great ideas that gave those plain white rice cakes a total makeover. Here are Joanne’s contributions.

Ideas for Mochi Toppings

Most local families fry their leftover mochi in butter, or they boil it or bake it in a toaster oven sprinkled with combinations of kinako (ground soybean flour) and sugar, or shoyu and sugar or azuki beans.

But how about being creative and giving your mochi a different taste and look?

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