MY HAWAII BY Colin Sewake


Location: 3-36-2 Iso, Urasoe-shi, Nov. 22, 2017

On my way to work, I stopped by Takayesu Soba, located behind Urasoe General Hospital in the Iso area of Urasoe City. A while back, I told you the story of how a few of us, myself included, helped Takayesu Soba owner Fukue Takayesu find the grave of her late husband’s grandfather in Hilo. He was the second son in his family. His remains, as well as those of one of his brothers — the fourth son — are interred in Hawai’i.

In September of last year, Fukue — and her two younger sisters planned a trip to Hilo to ohakamairi (grave visitation), although they had no idea where the ohaka (grave) was located nor if any of her husband’s relatives were alive and living anywhere in Hawai‘i. Okinawa Hawaii Kyoukai president Choko Takayama asked me to come with him on a visit to Fukue-san and to listen to the details of her late husband’s family.

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