LOCATION: Okinawa, Oct. 28, 2017

Just thought I’d give everyone an Aloha Saturday morning typhoon report from Okinawa. Yes, it’s windy and rainy here, as we are being hit by a small typhoon. The Japanese system has labeled it Typhoon #22, but the Joint Typhoon Warning Center labeled it Tropical Storm #27 and has given it the name Saola. It isn’t as big a storm as others I’ve experienced in the past two decades, but it seems so because the eye of the storm is passing over Okinawa island today.

The U.S. military bases went into Typhoon Condition 1 Emergency (TC-1E) a few hours ago, because the wind speeds reached 50 knots (58 mph). Everything closed down (commissary, gas station, exchange, etc.) and personnel are required to stay in their homes, including those who live off-base, until the winds back down to under 50 knots and mission-essential personnel can first recover the base and make sure everything is safe (i.e., clear debris on the roads, check for downed power lines, etc.) before people are allowed to come out of their homes.

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