A Rewarding Experience for Both Students and Teacher

Carolyn Morinishi
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Wayne Doliente is proud to be 100 percent Filipino, but when he dons a sandogasa (yakuza hat) and döchü kappa (traveling cape), he dances with heart of a pure Japanese. Wayne has been studying Nihon buyö — classical Japanese dance — for almost two years now and enjoys portraying a yakuza (nomadic warrior) in the dance, “Akai Yuhi no Sandogasa.”

Wayne is one of 15 students who have been taking Nihon buyö classes since January 2016. That’s when a few of my friends encouraged me to start teaching the Azuma Ryü style of Japanese dance on Kaua‘i. Fortunately for us, All Saints Episcopal Church in Kapa‘a allows us to use its classrooms. The students come from Kapa‘a, Wailua, Kïlauea and Lïhu‘e; are of various ethnic backgrounds and range in age from 8 to 84. As their sensei (teacher), I love the enthusiasm of all my students and their commitment to learning this art.

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