Chapter 110

Mö‘ili‘ili, May 26, 1924

“Quiet!” hissed one of the boys. “They’re starting to vote.”

A hush settled over the Takayama living room. Twenty-three of Taka’s fellow Nisei students from McKinley High School had gathered around the breakfast table, where a new Crosley radio was broadcasting the proceedings. They all strained to hear the voice emanating from the four-tube radio receiver that was about the size of a loaf of bread. Its companion battery cabinet was stacked underneath.

On this auspicious Monday morning, Haru and Sachi had risen at 5 o’clock to steam rice, scramble four dozen eggs with diced ham and chopped onions in a Chinese wok and slice six loaves of bread to toast in the oven. Sachi’s right hand ached from squeezing fresh oranges for juice. The large coffee urn, normally used only for mission socials, was percolating on its third refill.

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