WHO/WHAT: A fall/winter 2017 fashion presentation by Hawai‘i artists Rumi Murakami and Laurie Sumiye that answers the question: “What does fall in Hawai‘i look like?” Sumiye and Murakami envisioned the lush landscapes, wide vistas and thriving farming communities of Hawai‘i Island’s Hamakua (northeast) coastline. Sumiye, an eco-artist and filmmaker, created textile artwork inspired by the wild and agrarian landscapes of Hamakua, while clothing designer Murakami envisioned a collection that embraced the easy serenity of Big Island upcountry living combined with sophisticated silhouettes and modern Hawai‘i-Japanese style.

WHEN/WHERE: Thursday, Nov. 9, 6:30 p.m. (doors open at 5:30) at fishcake (307c Kamani St.). Parking available at 331 Kamani St.

COST: Free admission. For more info, call 593-1231, or email info@fishcake.us.


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