WHO/WHAT:  JN Productions, Inc. and Generation Kikaida partner with Japanese goods retailer Sanki, to celebrate Sanki’s fifth anniversary in Hawai‘i.

Kikaida, Hakaida, and scary monsters will be available for free picture-taking, and Ban Daisuke, star of the 1970s tokukatsu (live action) TV series, “Jinzo Ningen Kikaida,” will make an appearance and hold a free autograph session.

The event will features games, Kikaida-Oke (karaoke of Kikaida songs) and DVD giveaways by Generation Kikaida.  Fans are encouraged to dress in their favorite Kikaida-related costumes.

WHEN/WHERE: Sunday, Oct. 15, from 2-3 p.m. at Sanki Hawaii (Pearl City Shopping Center, next to Chuck E. Cheese).

COST: Free and open to the public. For more information, visit www.generationkikaida.com or email info@generationkikaida.com.


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