There’ll be no shortage of delicious food at the Okinawan Festival, including many dishes that are served in Okinawan home kitchens. Spend a day — or both days — at the Festival and make sure you try everything, all of it prepared and served by HUOA volunteers.

Andagi: Okinawan deep fried doughnut — a local favorite!

Andadog: Okinawan version of the corndog; basically, a hot dog on a stick that is dipped into andagi batter and deep-fried. Mmmmmm!

Champuru Plate: If you love Okinawan food, you will love this plate! Sliced vegetables, luncheon meat and deep-fried tofu are stir-fried champuru-style and served with your choice of white or brown rice, shoyu pork and andamisu (a miso sauce cooked with finely chopped pork). New items this year include vegetarian champuru and steamed Okinawan sweet potato.

Okidog: A hot dog covered with chili and wrapped in a soft tortilla with shredded shoyu pork and lettuce. So delicious!

Chili & Rice: Chili & rice in a bowl. Sold at the Okidog tent.

Chili Frank Plate: Chili & rice plate served with a hot dog. Sold at the Okidog tent.

Chicken Plate: Barbeque chicken prepared local style and served with hot rice and corn, or just chicken in a carry out bag.

Pig Feet Soup: Pig’s feet cooked in soup stock and garnished with konbu seaweed, daikon (turnip), togan (squash) and mustard cabbage and served with hot rice. In Uchinaaguchi (Okinawan language), it’s called ashitibichi and is a traditional family favorite!

Okinawa Soba: Okinawan-style soba noodles served in hot soup and garnished with kamaboko (fishcake), shoyu pork, green onions and red ginger.

Yakisoba: Okinawan-style soba noodles stir-fried with vegetables and luncheon meat, and seasoned with a special chef’s sauce.

Yakitori Stick: Chicken skewers grilled to perfection with teriyaki sauce.

Maki Sushi: Sushi rice rolled in nori (seaweed) and sliced for easy eating. Sold at the Yakitori, Okinawa Soba and Chicken booths.

Shave Ice: The perfect cool-down treat on a hot summer day in Kapi‘olani Park! Don’t forget to add the azuki beans and sweetened condensed milk!

Coffee: Andagi and coffee — available hot or iced — are a perfect combo!

Festival Bon Dance heads up: The following food booths will be open until 8 p.m. during the Saturday night Bon Dance: Andagi, Andadog, Okinawa Soba, Maki Sushi and Shave Ice.


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