MY HAWAII BY Colin Sewake

Colin Sewake
Hawai‘i Herald Columnist


Location: Nagahama, Yomitan, May 3, 2017

Happy 18th Anniversary to Keiko and me! No, it’s not our wedding anniversary — we were married Aug. 8, 1996, and celebrated 20 years last year.

May 3, 1999, was the day we moved from the Miyagi area of Chatan to Nagahama in Yomitan after our two-story house was completed. Of my 22 1/2 years of living in Okinawa, 18 of them have been in Nagahama.

Groundbreaking for our house was held on Dec. 3, 1998. A few months after the block walls with reinforced rebar steel were built up, three cement trucks came to pour the foundation, fill the holes in the blocks and fill in the form for the second floor.

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