Chapter 105

Diamond Head, Easter Sunday, 1923

“What’s at stake is what type of Nisei citizens will be voting — those molded in the American tradition in public schools, or those indoctrinated by the Buddhist-run, so-called language schools?”

Square-jawed Walter Dillingham was holding court with Hawai‘i’s power elite this Easter Sunday afternoon in his library. His fawning audience ignored the clacks of mallets striking a wooden ball followed by a whistling swish across the perfectly manicured pitch. The sprinkle of raindrops pinging open bay windows drew no notice. Still wearing his riding boots and form-fitting polo shirt, Dillingham paused to let his words sink in as his commanding eyes snuck a glimpse at the continuing polo exhibition. Outside, women adorned in their Easter finery held dainty umbrellas over fancy bonnets and cheered the Farrington and Dillingham polo team riders competing in an exhibition match.

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