• Communities undergoing rapid social, economic and environmental changes such as Waikïkï, Kaka‘ako, Kalihi and O‘ahu’s North Shore; Köloa on Kaua‘i; Pä‘ia and Lahaina on Maui; Läna‘i City; East End Moloka‘i; and Waipi‘o Valley, Kona and the Hämäkua Coast on Hawai‘i island.
  • Historical events such as World War II, the 1946 tsunami, and the closing of Hawai‘i’s sugar plantations.
  • Ethnic groups such as native Hawaiians, Japanese, Chinese, Portuguese, Koreans and Okinawans.
  • Occupations such as pineapple cannery and sugar field work, taro farming and lei making.
  • Organizations such as Palama Settlement.
  • The Center for Oral History has also conducted extensive interviews with political and University of Hawai‘i officials, including former Gov. George Ariyoshi and Lt. Gov. Thomas Gill, and UH presidents Kenneth Mortimer, Albert Simone, Fujio Matsuda and Harlan Cleveland. These pages contain invaluable and irreplaceable insights on Hawai‘i’s social, cultural and political history.

Specific Project Names include:

– The 1924 Filipino Strike on Kaua‘i

– The Closing of Sugar Plantations: Interviews with Families of Hämäkua and Ka‘ü, Hawai‘i

– An Era of Change: Oral Histories of Civilians in World War II Hawai‘i

– Five Life Histories

– Hawai‘i Political History Documentation Project

– Hui Panalä‘au: Hawaiian Colonists in the Pacific, 1935-1942

– ‘Ï‘ï/Brown Family: Oral Histories

– Kalihi: Place of Transition

– Kona Heritage Stores Oral History Project

– Köloa: An Oral History of a Kaua‘i Community

– Läna‘i Ranch: The People of Kö‘ele and Keömuku

– Life Histories of Native Hawaiians

– Oral Histories of African Americans

– An Oral History of Robert Richards Midkiff

– An Oral History of Sidney Kosasa

– The Oroku, Okinawa Connection: Local-Style Restaurants in Hawai‘i

– Perspectives on Hawai‘i’s Statehood

– Pioneer Mill Company: A Maui Sugar Plantation Legacy

– Ka Po‘e Ka‘ü Lei: An Oral History of Hawai‘i’s Lei Sellers

– Presidents of the University of Hawai‘i: Fujio Matsuda

– Presidents of the University of Hawai‘i: Harlan Cleveland

– Public Education in Hawai‘i: Oral Histories

– Reflections of Palama Settlement

– Remembering Kaka‘ako: 1910-1950

– A Social History of Kona

– The State Foundation on Culture and the Arts: An Oral History

– Stores and Storekeepers of Pä‘ia and Pu‘unënë, Maui

– Tsunamis in Maui County: Oral Histories

– Tsunamis Remembered: Oral Histories of Survivors and Observers in Hawai‘i

– ‘Ualapu‘e: Moloka‘i: Oral Histories from the East End

– Uchinanchu: A History of Okinawans in Hawai‘i

– Waialua and Hale‘iwa: The People Tell Their Story

– Waikïkï, 1910-1985: Oral Histories

– Waipi‘o: Mäno Wai (Source of Life)

– Women Workers in Hawai‘i’s Pineapple Industry

The Center for Oral History catalogs, indexes, books, booklets and newsletters can be found at Hawai‘i State Regional Libraries, University of Hawai‘i system libraries, Hawai‘i State Archives and at the Center for Oral History at the University of Hawai‘i at Mänoa. In-print books are also available through UH Press, UH Bookstore and other large bookstores.

Oral history transcripts have been digitized and are available on the University of Hawai‘i’s ScholarSpace platform on the Internet. For Internet access, go to: https://scholarspace.manoa.hawaii.edu/handle/10125/21086

Center for Oral History website: http://www.oralhistory.hawaii.edu/

Source: Center for Oral History


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