Chapter 103

Nov. 22, 1922

Except for the wind whispering through the shutters, the rustling of a turning newspaper page and the clinking of a porcelain cup set on a saucer, the after-breakfast ritual silence enveloped the Takayama’s dining room. Earlier in the morning, four daily newspapers had been tossed onto the front porch. Haru and Kenji sat reading the papers, one by one. The three older boys had traipsed off to school. Four-year-old Kenta was “helping” Sachi push the stroller with Haru’s long-awaited daughters, Hiromi, born in the spring of 1921, and Sachiko, born just four months ago, in July. After a visit to the park, Sachi and Kenta would stop at the Chinese grocery store for today’s vegetables and fish.

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