DIALOGUE By Karleen Chinen

This page — the one you are reading right now — is usually the last page of the issue that I work on every other week, probably hoping that it will magically fill itself up. Hah, dream on!

With this issue, I’m especially glad that it is the last page my attention is focused on, because with all of the stories in and copy-edited and laid out, I now have the benefit of looking at the wide swath of stories and realizing that it contains a really good mix — something for every interest. Sometimes it’s hard to see that when we’re starting into a new issue. But here, we’re got diversity in age (100 to 34), historical periods (sugar plantation era to World War II to the Hawaiian renaissance to climate change), occupations (swim coach, physician, Army veteran, artist, sushi-makers, navigator and educator) and geography (Wailuku, Pä‘ia, Pu‘unënë, Lahaina). Yes, I’m very happy with the stories in this, our fourth Maui edition.

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