Dear Karleen,

Thank you for your tribute to former Big Island Mayor — and Judge — Shunichi Kimura. I’m sure there are many such stories of how this man touched us at the most humane and unforgettable level. Here is my story.

I first met Mr. Kimura at an educational meeting, and as we know, he had the memory of a herd of elephants: He never forgot a name.

When I met him, the road to our house in Pähoa was unpaved. It was a subdivision that was created to accommodate evacuees from the Kapoho eruption in the 1960s. So, I told Mayor Kimura about how we needed to have a paved road. He promised to look into it.

One week later, county equipment was sent over and the result was this: They scraped the road and left large pebbles on the road.

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