The Kuakini Auxiliary honored the memory of 141 former Issei residents of Kuakini Home on May 30 at the Kuakini Columbarium at Honolulu Memorial Park Cemetery in Nu‘uanu. The memorial service was conducted by Bishop Ryokan Ara of Tendai Mission of Hawaii, with assistance from the Rev. Ryodo Ishida. In attendance were members of Kuakini Auxiliary, Kuakini Health System administration and Kuakini employees.

The service is held annually to remember the 141 former Kuakini Home residents who labored on the sugar plantations of Hawai‘i in the late 1800s. Most of them did not have family members in Hawai‘i to care for them after they retired, so they lived out their lives in Kuakini Home, then known as the Japanese Home of Hawaii.

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