DIALOGUE BY Karleen Chinen

There are many days when I feel more like a traffic cop (scheduling and juggling feature stories) than a journalist. With an editorial “staff” of two — and that’s including myself — it’s hard not to feel like that. Between planning, scheduling, copy editing and other “stuff,” there’s just no time to get out and interview people the way I once did — I now have to rely on contributing writers for most of that.

While I often long for those good ’ol days, reading about the recent passing of former Hawai‘i County Mayor and retired Big Island Circuit Judge Shunichi Kimura made me realize how I was blessed to have had the opportunity to interview people whom I considered the “giants” in our community. I don’t mean “giants” in the superstar sense of the word, but rather because of the humanity that was part of their being. Judge Kimura was one of those people.

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