Dear Karleen and the Staff of The Hawai‘i Herald,

I have been deeply touched by the outpouring of love and kind thoughts from those who knew my late husband, Jim Burns.

Many of them cited the Herald’s article — written so beautifully by contributing writer Richard Borreca, with the sidebar text of the speech that Jim wrote about his mom, Beatrice Burns, which writer Gregg Kakesako uncovered.

“Seishiro” was what Governor Burns called his son. And Jim always made sure people knew the story behind his Japanese name.

Jim was partially raised by the Okazakis, his family masseuse’s namesake — and from whom he gained the true Japanese cultural values of humility and respect.

Much mahalo from the Burns ‘ohana for highlighting that part of his rich and full life. I always said, “Jim was more local Japanese than even he realized.”

I miss my Seishiro so very much, but I am comforted knowing he is now with his dad and mom, void of all infirmities.

With grateful heart,

Emme Tomimbang Burns


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