DEAR FRANCES By Frances H. Kakugawa

Dear Linda,

You have over-thanked me with this poem. Thank you for all the “ifs” that we caregivers live with day after day. When they are so eloquently presented, they turn our hour-by-hour life as caregivers into poetry. Thank you for taking us inward into our own.


Readers . . . By now, you’ve probably concluded that I’m a great eavesdropper, or to put it another way, a nosey listener. I heard this story from dental hygienist Teresa Thomas while she was cleaning my teeth.

My grandma died at age 99 years and 6 months. She always said she didn’t want to live until 100 because that was too old. Her grandson told her to live and he would get her 100 birthday cards, but she died peacefully six months shy of her 100th birthday.

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