Lorraine Oda
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

Memories of the earliest Japanese families who settled in Käne‘ohe in Windward O‘ahu have been preserved for succeeding generations in the newly released second edition of “Partial History of the Japanese in Kaneohe, 1898 to 1959.”

The new edition contains 39 new family histories. The first edition was published in 2007. The 256-page second edition is organized in alphabetical order by surname and, for the most part, was written by a member of each featured family in their style of choice — some as full narratives, others as bullet points. The volume also includes historical notes on Käne‘ohe and some of its long-gone institutions and landmarks, black and white historical photographs, and maps of the layout of Käne‘ohe town in 1945 . . . and in 2015. The changes are impressive. There’s also a bonus: All of the histories that were in the first edition are also included in the second edition, bringing the total number of family histories to approximately 65.

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