Karleen C. Chinen

The years fly by faster than we realize. Case in point: this year’s Big Island Issue. This edition marks the fifth since we committed to highlighting Hawai‘i island’s special people, businesses, organizations and projects. Unlike the good ’ol days when we actually had a staff that could go out and chase down stories, I now must rely on a valuable band of contributing writers . . . and, yes, read their stories on my computer screen, filled with envy.

This year, I accidentally hit the jackpot by bringing together three former Herald writers — former editor Arnold Hiura, Patsy (Nakayama) Iwasaki and Wayne Muromoto — plus Margaret Shiba, who sent in a story a few years ago that was interesting enough for me to invite her to submit other stories as a contributing writer. Plain and simple, we could not do these issues without them. No way.

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