Hawai‘i’s Consul General of Japan Shares Memories of His Father with MIS Veterans

Yasushi Misawa
Published with Permission

Editor’s note: Since his posting in Hawai‘i in mid-2015 as Consulate General of Japan in Honolulu, Yasushi Misawa has delivered dozens of greetings and remarks, even kampai toasts, and been involved in countless ceremonial presentations around town. This is expected of all consuls general. All of them stick pretty close to their ceremonial agenda, rarely revealing what they, personally, are thinking or feeling.

So I was pleasantly surprised and impressed to hear the reflective comments of Consul General Misawa at the MIS Veterans Club of Hawaii shinnen enkai at Natsunoya Tea House on Feb. 26. When he returned to his seat after speaking, I complimented him on his talk and asked him for permission to share his text with our Hawai‘i Herald readers. He modestly explained that he feels a special closeness to the Japanese American World War II veterans in Hawai‘i, for his own father, if he were alive, would be about the same age as the Nisei veterans. He told me of the comfort he feels when talking with someone like former Hawai‘i Gov. George Ariyoshi, who was born just a few years after his father.

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