WHO/WHAT: The Hanayagi Dancing Academy Hawaii Foundation will present its “Osarai Kai,” (recital) at which its new principal, Shihan Hanayagi Mitsujyuro, and vice principal, Hanayagi Mitsuakemi, will be introduced.
The Hanayagi-ryu school of classical Japanese dance was established in 1845 by Hanayagi Jusuke I (founding iemoto, or headmaster). It has approximately 24,000 natori (teachers) throughout the world and is considered the largest and most popular school of classical dance in Japan.
WHEN/WHERE: Saturday, April 8, at 1 p.m. at Mission Memorial Auditorium (next to Honolulu Hale).
COST: Free admission. For more information, call 839-6092 or email lkadot.3ai@hawaiiantel.net.


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