DEAR FRANCES By Frances H. Kakugawa

Dear Frances,

I just wanted to thank you for your inspiration. I have been keeping a journal, which has been extremely helpful to me since my husband had a major stroke in December and passed Jan 7. Thank you so much for your support.

Barbara Nance

Kona, Hawai‘i

Dear Barbara,

I’m sorry to hear that you lost your husband. Keep writing in your journal to explore your grief and, someday, you may find yourself preserving other memories of life with your husband.


Dear Frances

Thank you! The article on my mother was beautiful. She continues to feel independent, allowing her the freedom to be physically active.

When I think she’s stubborn or not listening . . . I say, “She’s forgetful.” We are growing in our own way.


Sandy Manual

Keauhou, Kona, Hawai‘i

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