Lori Satoki Kim

Parents: Eric and Karen Kim

High School: Pacific Buddhist Academy, 2007

College/Degree/Year: University of Hawai‘i at Mänoa, bachelor’s degree in business administration – accounting, 2012.

“What does kokoro mean to you?”

“Growing up, Kokoro always meant heart. It meant using my heart to always try and show compassion to others, a thought reinforced by attending a Buddhist school for all of my early educational years. It meant acknowledging my heart during both times of highs, like being chosen as a Cherry Blossom Festival contestant; and lows, such as being unable to pass the last tests needed to attain the Certified Public Accountants (CPA) license. Although Kokoro can also be defined as mind or spirit, Kokoro will always mean heart because my heart shapes and defines my mind and spirit. My heart led me to a challenging career because my mind wanted to be constantly tested.  My heart also helped shape my resilient spirit in testing for the CPA license exam. Kokoro is heart; it shapes who we are, defines our actions and guides who we will become.”

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