Kaelyn Sachiko Okuhata

Parents: Kevin and Lori Okuhata

High School: King Kekaulike High School (Hawai‘i Island), 2012

College/Degree/Year: Chapman University, bachelor’s degree in business administration with an emphasis in marketing and a minor in art studio, 2016

“What does kokoro mean to you?”

“Last winter in the Colorado Rockies, I saw snowfall for the first time. Although it was six in the morning and 30 degrees outside, everything was perfect. As I stood in silence and observed the first rays of sunlight glistening on each delicate snowflake, my heart, mind, and spirit were completely connected. At that ‘kokoro’ moment, time slowed down to allow me to fully grasp how beautiful it was to just exist. My heart skipped a beat, my mind was at ease, and my spirit was lifted by this precious gift of nature. Obtaining kokoro is to observe one’s heart, mind, and spirit coming together, leaving no desire for anything else. Fully appreciating every moment in life, like your first snowfall, makes each day a blessing.”

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