Evicted During World War II, Former Valley Residents Investigate Possible Redress Claims

Mark Santoki
(Reprinted from Aug. 2, 1991)

Editor’s note: When this story by then-Hawai‘i Herald writer (and later editor) Mark Santoki story was published in 1991, the fate of the Lualualei farmers still hung in the balance. They made up an unusual group of people who were affected by Executive Order 9066. Further review of “evacuee” cases resulted in residents of other communities becoming eligible for the letter of apology from then-President George H.W. Bush and monetary redress — other Wai‘anae communities, ‘Ewa near West Loch, Pearl City Peninsula, Käne‘ohe, Iwilei, Pu‘uloa, Pauoa and Moloka‘i.

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