DEAR FRANCES By Frances H. Kakugawa

Dear Readers,

Do you remember my friend Mabs? I told you about her in my March 4 column, “Mabs’ Journey.” Mabs continues to attend my Memoir Writing Group, even though her Alzheimer’s disease is beginning to take its toll.

By our last session, I had become a stranger to her. But that’s OK. This was our conversation:

Mabs: “I can’t remember things anymore.”

Me: “That’s okay, Mabs; we will remember for you.”

Mabs, with a slight smile: “You will? Thanks.”

Mabs shared her work, written in script. Because she can no longer return to her memories, she now offers advice in her writing. Last month, she wrote a paragraph on how to behave in the workplace. “Be on time. Do your work. Don’t take long breaks.”

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