Dear editor,

I struggle to understand how David Ellis can justify his insulting comments to Hawaii and the daughter of a Nisei veteran.  He claims we haven’t known war even with recent news associated with the 75th Anniversary of the Attack on Pearl Harbor. He condones and supports the irresponsible Trump charlatan bait-and-switch tactics of a master illusionist magician who successfully conned the nation.

Mr. Ellis doesn’t understand that we are proud that Barack Obama demonstrates the finest traditions of Hawaii’s hapa-haole leaders or that Hawaii befriended its enemy, helped them to rebuild, and have developed friendships that have made Japan our country’s valuable friend and ally. I’m mad but advise not wasting energy getting even.

Hawaii continues to be a special place even as our common core values are belittled by opinionated individuals who arrogantly elevate themselves. Our world is changing even by those who claim to love Hawaii, move here with good and bad baggage, and immediately start to help us to become just like where they came from.

Rather than joining this exotic parade, we should share, teach, and continue to hold true to our values and, individually and collectively, make Hawaii a multi-cultural beacon of acceptance and aloha and the United States the finest nation in the history of mankind.


David W. Fukumoto

Kurtistown, Hawai‘i


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