CHILDREN’S BOOK BY Gwen Battad Ishikawa

New Children’s Book Follows the Whimsical Adventures of a Playful Puppy

“Peekaboo the Poi Dog”
Island Heritage
Hardcover, 32 pages, $13.95

Island Heritage Publishing’s newest book, “Peekaboo the Poi Dog,” is a story about the creative adventures of a little puppy that spends a rainy day lost in her imagination. The book is a debut of sorts for both author Wendy Kunimitsu Haraguchi and illustrator Kat (Yamamura) Uno.

The story follows young poi dog, Peekaboo, who is trapped at home on a rainy day and is bored silly. Her mother suggests finding an object and imagining it’s something else. Throughout her creative adventure, Peekaboo’s favorite beach towel becomes a cape, a windsurfing sail, a parachute and even a hula skirt.

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