Dear Editor:

Re: Your Dialogue of November 18, 2016

I have reread your article many times in trying to understand why you are so mad. I can understand that you do not like Mr. Trump and those are your opinions. I will concede that he is not the smartest man on the block, but so was another who I knew very well. In the 1970s I was a bodyguard for Governor Ronald Reagan of California. I was assigned to him for a couple of years. I knew Reagan would run for the White House long before the press or others. Governor Reagan and Mr. Trump are a lot alike, believe it or not. Both men surround themselves with the very best minds in each field. The only difference is that Reagan (the Boss) had class. Mr. Trump has New York crass and that is the difference.

You continue your assault on Mr. Trump because, as you say, he spouts his hateful speech against Muslims and Mexicans. Apparently you have never seen war or known someone who has been there. All I will say [is that] war sucks big time when forced into it. Then you must do everything in your power to win. Let’s start with the Muslims and their fighters rounding up everyone who does not think like them and beheads them. Not a swift death, but [a] slow and torturous event that is meant for shock. They hide like cowards by covering the heads so no one knows who they are. These victims range from little babies to seniors both male and female. Mr. Trump has stated that he wants to stop all immigration from these countries until Congress can come up with a plan that will only allow for sensible immigration. Now, if you want the others with their dull knives, be my guest!

Now for the illegal Mexicans. Being a border state we have seen just what the illegals have done to this state. Murders go unsolved such as the rancher who was shot at his ranch by illegals and no one has ever been arrested for this crime. Drug lords move drugs with fully armed escorts to be sold in the U.S. The Mexican Government Helicopter entered the U.S. and the helicopter started shooting at the Boarder (sic) Patrol agents in a small Arizona town. You never heard this on the news but we did and so did the Federal government. Nothing was ever done; the damage was not as bad as Pearl Harbor but the intent was the same.

The last item I wish to discuss with you is your mentioning the old man standing in the median of Vineyard and Liliha. You saw him quite often and even noticed when he switched from a cane to a wheelchair. What did you do for him???? Did you offer to find out if he needed medical help or was he a veteran who could get help from the VA? Did you check with social services or a homeless shelter? I do not know your background at all but for almost 70 years I have seen folks like you complain but do nothing. WHY DID YOU NOT HELP THE OLD MAN, NOT BY GIVING MONEY OR FINDING OUT WHAT WAS WRONG AND GETTING HELP? As a soldier and a cop I learned this phrase, “actions speak louder than words.”

The young generation of today is all about ME, they do not care about past, history or others; it is all about ME. Fifty years ago in Viet Nam, I saw poverty for the first time but I also saw respect of the elders by the younger ones. The United States has no respect and it is getting worse each day because of the ME thinking.

I grew up in a middle class town in Southern California in the late ‘40s. Tried college but I was not sharp at it and then the draft got me. I spent 1967 in Viet Nam and that is when I grew up big time. Friends dying, Dear John’s from home and missions I figured I would never return from. But I did and coming home to the warm feeling of hot coffee or water being thrown in your face by the welcoming committee. And those wonderful greetings of “baby killers” and other phrases made me just so proud of this country. Now I see riots and protests, and folks much like you complaining about not getting what they wanted so they protest. The change was made because the older generation got fed up with the lies and crooked politicians. I hate elections and I hate the Electoral College set up. One person=one vote, but nobody listens to me or my age group.

Wake up, America. You might learn something more than texting and tripping over your feet.


David Ellis

Mesa, AZ


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