Kevin Kawamoto
Special to The Hawai‘i Herald

The threat of rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of those who gathered at the Community Church of Honolulu in Nu‘uanu on Oct. 22 for the fifth annual “Journeys to Wellness” event, sponsored by the Sun-
rise Foundation. The interfaith ministry promotes wellness for the body, mind and spirit. The daylong program of speakers, workshops and an awards ceremony brought together people from all walks of life as they collectively sought enlightenment about paths to healing and wellness that went beyond conventional medical models.

In his welcome remarks, the Rev. Dr. Wally Fukunaga, founder and president of the Sunrise Foundation, said he hoped the day’s program would “stir the transforming and healing spirit” within those gathered there.

“Let us lighten the load our bodies carry,” he said. “Let us cleanse (our minds) of the fear-filled thoughts that continue to drag us down.”

Fukunaga encouraged participants to be inspired by the day’s speakers and workshops and to free their spirits “to fly as birds in the open sky.”

The morning session included the recognition of community members with the Puaka‘ana o ka lä (Rise Up!) Award. The award is presented to those “who have made longstanding and significant contributions toward the promotion of wellness of the body, mind and spirit to our people and community,” according to the program notes. This year, the award recipients were Terry Shintani, Gregory Pai and 93-year-old Sister Maria Rosario Daley, a Catholic nun.

Shintani, a medical doctor and lawyer with a graduate-level degree in nutrition from Harvard, is an author and leader of whole-person health programs. He is also known for his promotion of the Hawai‘iDiet, which emphasizes meals low in unhealthy fats and high in complex carbohydrates. Shintani is on the faculty of the John A. Burns School of Medicine’s Department of Complementary and Alternative Medicine.

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